The Love Letter


“Letter came ?” I texted to Gauri.

“No yaar” she replied.

Why am I waiting for this letter ? There is a story behind this letter.
What is the fascination in writing letters ?
According to me, letters are the best way to express one’s heart and its helpful for the introverts to pen down their feelings.
The letter I wrote to him in which I have described about how from friendship my feelings has changed to crush.
When he was here in the same city, I never felt that way I was feeling now.
We met so many times had good memories together.
Eating together in weekends, endless talk about the politics and back bitching about people.
He was the abettor to me.
When he told me that he is shifting to a new city I was really sad.
That sadness was queer and unmanageable.

After 2 months I came in touch with him because I was his friend not the best friend. But for me he was more that just a friend. With him there was a spark that I was craving for , the way he understood me made the bond between us really strong.
I wish the thoughts running in my mind are the same in his.
One fine day he called me.

” Can I send you a letter ?” He questioned.

” Oh ! Yes you can send me ” I answered.

I wish I could come there and tell him that how much I love him

” I am sending cards to all my good friends. You are one of them. That’s why I want” he said.

” Okay ! I will wait for it . By the way I like writing letter. I always wanted someone who can reply me through letters ” I said , smiling.

” Wow. You never told me about this. I am also letter sender- receiver kind off person ” he replied.

We had an hour phone call that day, this was longest phone call I did with him. There were lots of similarities between us. When ever we don’t had anything to talk, we discuss about the similarities. I gave him my friend Gauri’s address because I was living with my family , I didn’t wanted them to receive that letter.

So, that’s why I was waiting for this letter. Somewhere I had an intuition that the letter is not just a simple piece of paper. It is going to be the expression of feelings handwritten which I was expecting from very long.

After 4 days my friend Gauri texted me by sending a picture of that letter and I zoomed in the FROM portion and his Name was there.
I was so excited to read that letter.

“Shall I open it for you 😛?” Gauri texted.

“No yaar. 🙈” I replied.

“Yes ! I was just joking. I am not coming tomorrow. I am ill ” Gauri texted.

“😒 ” I texted.

In all this universe , when his letter came this ma’am is now ill and she lives far from my place. Ignoring my all anger. I messaged her.

“Take care , get well soon” I texted.

Waiting for another 3 days. All this eagerness was on peak.
Finally my dear Gauri came. I took her college bag, took out the letter and ran outside the class.
I found one empty class room and sat quietly there.
Thoughts were running in my brain. What is the feeling he couldn’t expressed on the phone call.
That’s how the letter was

*” Hi Beautiful,
When I was there. I couldn’t felt the importance of yours in my life. I am missing you.
I miss how you used to call me whenever I was late in our meetings.
I miss how you adjust your hair while talking to me.
I miss how you laugh even on my lame jokes to make me feel good.
I miss how you sing sweet songs which I have secretly recorded.
I miss how you look gorgeous with that nose pin.
I miss how you look beautiful with that one stroke of Kajal.
I miss how you handle me whenever I miss my family.
I miss how you take my advices before making any decision.
I miss how you share all your peace, anger and disturbance with me.
I miss how you put your hand on my shoulder.
I miss how you care for me as a friend.
I miss you.
I miss everything about you.
A day has 24 hours and atleast 24 times I have missed you.
Dear I am sorry for not telling this you earlier. But I am in love with you.
With your soul.
I am in love with someone who knows I am not perfect but can make me complete.
A someone who has the clandestine quixotic tone.
A someone who is the narcotic in my nerves and panacea to cure.
A someone who is silent but has things to say.
A someone whom I wasn’t searching for.
A someone who is the best fortuitous thing happened to me.
A someone who makes me forgot the whole world.
A someone who makes me happy all the time.
A someone who pays attention to my useless talk.
A someone who is propinquity to my soul.

Now, I am changed because of you and becoming a more positive person in life. There was no appropriate way to express my feeling better than this. This letter is my proxy for you.
You know what, whenever I watch the night skies I found you dazzling around wearing the stars with the glow of moon.
I left all my pains behind and we drown into the ocean of love. A place where we imagined day and night to be together.
This is all my state without you.
You are the description of love. I imagined every moment sleeping on your lap , listening your melodious songs and you waving hands around my face.
You are the first home of my feelings where my imagination starts and it never ends. I am all yours.
Waiting for your answer.

Your Lover Boy
(Written by heart not by pen)”*

The last words written melted me. Finally, thank you god for fulfilling my wish. From where all this love he has shown?
Well, he is so good in writing that I never knew.
I called him.

“Hello. I got your letter” I said.

“Finally. Can you send your answer through letter?” He asked.

“Yes. I can. But, is it wrong to tell it now ?” I questioned.

“No its not wrong. You know what the emotions and feelings you express is through letters and that becomes the treasure for long distance lovers” He said.

“What what ? Long distance lovers huh !? ” I replied.

“Ya Haan. ” He giggled.

“Yes I will write ” I said.

“Desperately waiting for it, OK bye. Please behave like a 80s people and don’t do call-message till I receive your letter ” He said.

“OK ! Bye Handsome ” I said.

After his romantic letter it was my turn to reply him in my way.
So, I wrote the first half of the letter in a very simple way where I described how much I miss him after he is gone from the city.
That’s how my letter was

*”Hi handsome,
The letter you wrote is priceless. The so called treasure for the beginning of our love.
But, as the way we had made that “bond” and I have found that “spark” for which I was craving for so long.
Considering your love. Its beyond my imagination. There is a small hut in my heart where every morning you kiss my forehead. Holding me tightly through waist and then embracing me in your arms. As because of my short-height , I can hear your heartbeats expressing those lines you spoke to me.
I felt that there is telepathy between us. How we are able to connect and understand each other and somewhere in heart it was that you have the same feelings for me.
I am not a romantic letter writer. The only answer to your letter is
“I am all yours”
I love the way you are.
I love the way you encourage me when I am low.
I love the way you relax me whenever I over think.
I love the way you wear blue colour on every meeting.(As Blue is my Favourite)
I love the way you ask me to drive and you sit behind.
I love the way you said long distance lovers.
I love the real you.
I thank universe for giving me, You.

Your Lover Girl
(Written while looking at our pictures)”*

That’s how I end that letter by keeping my heart out.
I wasn’t messaging him neither he was. After 4 days he called.

“Hello. I am happiest when I’m with you” He said.

“Me too. So you got that letter.” I said.

“Yes ma’am. I had this intuition that you love me. But, maybe the destiny was in search for the right time. How things worked when we were together, we never felt the importance of each other” He said.

“And now as we are apart. But, together ” I replied.

” Thank you for everything Miss” He said.

“Thank you for that romantic letter” I said.

“I loved your treasure as well dear” he said.

“Thank you handsome” I replied.

“In letter we expressed it. Now, Shall we say this to each other ?” He asked.

“Yes. But I m somewhere outside” I said.

“Can’t you speak those three magical words by going in corner?” He questioned.

“Ok fine. ” I said.

“I love you” he said.

“Same to you” I replied.

“You spoiler” He laughed and said.
We had a long call that day and same to you had the another meaning for him ❤
We wrote many letters after that letter. Still the feeling for the first love letter is divine and novice ❤

© Rashmi Tiwari


The Dignified Aim

“I am married now,” I said.

 Kept the phone aside. This was the third call for me to play Ranji Trophy.

“I am really Sorry! If you want to go I won’t stop you” He said.

 Silence Surrounded.

I walked out of the room. Sat on the staircase. Tears were falling down.

 “Please! Don’t cry ” He said.

 “Just leave me alone, I want to spend some time alone,” I said.

Let’s start from the beginning

What is my fault? 

My first fault is that I am a girl. My second fault that I dared to play and the third fault that I dared to love.

This is Anjali Pandey. I am not that famous just a normal girl with some passionate dreams.

 Maybe my story would become boring for you. So read it at your own concern.

Counting with my fault.

I play cricket. 

I remember my first meeting with this game. My school ordered sports equipment’s and I was totally fascinated when I heard this. 

When I entered the room. 

First time in my life I saw many equipments together. There was a bat. My eyes were stuck into it. I hold that bat and gave a shot.

One of school coach applauded for me

 “Woah! Pandey . Nice shot” Coach said.

 “Sir! We will make a good girls cricket team” I said.

 “Sure !” Coach said.

 So, from that day cricket became my first love.

In starting it was just a game for me but after few years it became my Passion. 

Even my parents were against this game. When I was 16-year old I was selected for a state level camp. I was extremely happy at that time because I was going to take a step progress in my game.

I still remember that day.

/In 2009/

“I am selected for a state level camp,” I said.

 ” What kind of tournament?” Mom said.

 “I was waiting for this from long. I am selected for state level camp, they will give me training” I said.

 “And who told you that you are going?” Mom said.

 “You know the limits of a girl. By the way, the villagers were making stories about you. Your style of wearing clothes,  talking with boys and playing with them. This is how we have raised you? And now this state level camp this was the only thing left. Find a boy for her” Dadi shouted.

 She barely behaves that way.

But her words were like a sword for me. 

In few minutes it made me feel sad. 

When this society would motivate daughters like there sons !?

I am a girl it doesn’t mean I don’t have dreams. 

  All things were going wrong. Just one person was in my support. The support and protection, he is providing from the day I was born. My “Father”. 

“My daughter is no less than that of son. She will go for the state level camp. I don’t care what people think. My Anjali will go. She has that potential. I am sure she will make me feel proud one day. The thinking of society encourages her to do better and let her prove that she is the best ” Papa said.

/The creation of God is not only Mothers they are Fathers as well. The all time protector. I don’t have words to tell how much he supported me. By the time the only dream I had,  to make my father proud. So proud that he got recognition by my name/

 From the state level camp to national level camp. A number of tournaments. 

The awaited one  AWTCA tournament. I played live matches. I became man of the match by taking 4 wickets.

 Everything was going fine. I was doing good in my career and in my studies as well. I got the 1st division in my 10 and 12 standards.

 I hail from a small village Motihari in Bihar. In local newspapers updates about my matches were there. I was in love with my game. 

A beautiful life was waiting for me. Facing all the problems. I never thought of falling in love. But that also I did.

I was in love! Love in my life is beyond fairy tales and love stories in movies. It’s the reality in which I was living at that time. 

From the beginning, I had an essence of battle in my phases of life and I was in the love phase. 

Love marriages in India is a node division. Firstly to check whether the boy is from same religion that could easily be recognized by the first name. Secondly, to check he is from which caste? That could easily recognize by the last name. 

So in my case . Religion checked “Anubhaw”, a Hindu name. Then caste checked “Upadhyay” . A Brahmin match.

Some Kundali matching and that’s it.

That wasn’t so easy. In my case my parents were ready but the boy side wasn’t. 

Somehow he managed a family meeting for exclusive discussion of marriage. 

When I was in my room. I was normal. My sister gave me some tips about how to talk and how to behave like a “Sanskari” girl. As I always had a boy kind of look. 😉 

 “Come outside,” Maa said.

 I entered in the room. They were asking me questions related what you cook? Qualifications?

 “Any other interests,” His brother said.

 “Yeah! I am cricket national player” I said.

“I think playing and all is not good for our family. If u want to marry Anubhaw you have to leave cricket”. His bhabhi said clearly.

/* Cricket live in me! How can I leave cricket?  */

 “And there is no future for girls in cricket. They just do timepass ” His brother said.

 I was quiet but there was wrath in my mind. I wanted to speak something but I couldn’t. As Anubhaw told me that maybe they will say something against your game so just be calm and don’t overreact. I was doing accordingly.

 ” But she is a nice player, ” Anubhaw said.

 ” Do whatever you want? ” Bhaiya said arrogantly and left.

 In night I called Anubhaw.

“Everything normal?” I said.

 ” Will talk later?” He said.

 I wasn’t able to decide whether I should pursue my career or to be with Anubhaw who love me so much, who cares for me. There were endless thoughts revolving in my mind. 

 Early in the morning, I went for jogging. Obviously still the same things were coming. And finally, I decided to go with my love. I don’t know why I choose that but still, I wanted him. The second thought, to fight against everyone to follow my cricket dream and I won’t step back in that as well.

 Coming back to reality. Still i was sitting there. Before marriage I was strong, I had that potential to fight for my game. Now I have different priorities. I was still crying. Anubhaw came and hold my hand

“Go for the match! I will manage” He said.

 “What? Are you serious?”I said.

 “Look I will manage. I promised you. Remember? I will always support you and that is what I am doing”.He said.

 I was happy and scared as well. But when “He” was there. I was feeling strong. He was protecting me like my father.

I decided to go. One has to be strong enough to take such decision.

 The thing learned after that “If you are passionate about something you just have to do that without thinking about society”.

 There is no perfect time to start. The perfect time is right now. Whatever you do! Do it with hard work and positive attitude. 

After Indian Women Cricket team performance in world cup the status of “Women Cricket” has risen. They all are incredible. 

The message to society is to support “Her”.

To nullify all the differences between him and her. 

Let her achieve “Her Dignified Aim”.

Maybe she will make you feel proud one day 😉

 P.S-  Based on a true story of my Bhabhi! She is beautiful and generous. I adore her.

©Rashmi Tiwari

Everest Point


All of us, do not have equal talents. But, all of us have an equal opportunity to develop our talents.
By APJ Abdul Kalam.
Think about where you are right now in terms of your dreams.
Wait and think about the practice you are doing to achieve it.
What are the changes you have to make?

List all the essential things you have to do in order to achieve your dream.
What are dreams ?
Dreams are inspiration. Dream to be something different from others. A place where you always wanted to be from so long. Dreams relate with hard work, perseverance, optimistic and encouraging terms.
Well !
There is no end for dreams.
Dreams are endless. But are always in sequence.
There is no “skip” for any of the steps.
Following these steps can lead you to achieve the Everest Point.

Everest point means the stage where you are satisfied with whatever you have achieved.
But a human is never satisfied of what he has.
Human is always in search for more success, more desires and wish for more in everything.
We all have dreams…
Dreams for reaching the Everest point.
Everest point is not just a small dream. It’s a big dream which gives purpose to do some work with excitement and enthusiasm.
It is human tendency that they easily get bore of doing the same things again and again.
But, if you tie every work with your dream then the desire to fulfil the dream will never die. Because dreams are not like the tides of an ocean, dreams are like a flowing river which never stops.
It keeps on flowing .
To reach the Everest point where a person is all satisfied from his/her deeds.
Believe in yourself and be satisfied with what you have as there are so many people who can’t afford the way you are living.
All the best for your future and never complain about what u don’t have.
Cheers and love yourself.

Story Time!


Fab Writings

Distance is never at fault when a friendship fades away. Just look at us, we might live in the different corners of the world (though it doesn’t have any corners) we still are unified by a strong bond because we share with each other the most valuable possession we have, Time!

We talk to each other, we comment on each other’s post, some of them even spoil other’s comments section (just like me) and some of them are just like those envelopes that never want to disclose what lies within. Well, whatever we are in our real life, a closed envelope, or a floating bubble ready to burst whenever it meets someone, we all are friends here. May it be the friends who talk less and are limited to ‘You wrote amazing – Oh, thank you so much!’, may it be the friends whose comments on a post reach above…

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Arranged Marriage – A Boy Story II



“Take out the ring and give it to our Lakshmi” Papa said.

In India its a ritual to gift something to the girl after the marriage gets fixed. Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth and it is the birth right of every girl to be called as Lakshmi.
So Maa had the ancestral ring. She gave the ring to Sakshi. Sakshi wears the ring by keeping the dupatta on her head.

“We will soon fix their ring ceremony and marriage dates” Uncle said.(Soon to be father in law).

“Yeah sure” Aunty said.

And I like a stupid sitting there and was thinking about that BECAUSE.
At that time everyone was happy. Also thinking about the thing that happened in just 3 hours. As when I came here , nothing was fixed and now after a YES to YES everyone is smiling. Even I am happy and of course its a different feeling.

“So ! we should leave because its already late” Papa said.

Again like a sincere “Soon” to be son-in law I touched her parents feet and she did the same with my parents.
Papa thanked to the Uncle and Aunty.
I was leaving at that time and I didn’t knew when I will see her again.
I looked in her eyes , speak just one line.

“Good bye ! Meet you soon”

Everyone started laughing as if I had cracked a joke.

“Bye bye !” Sakshi said.

While driving I turned on the radio and the song Jeena Jeena was tuned on. I never listened song but at that time I started feeling each line of it..

Dehleez Pe Mere Dil Ki Jo Rakhe Hai Tune Kadam it means “You step into my heart and I learnt to live my life”

“I am Aditya . Like seriously?” I shouted.

“No you are not Aditya , you are Aditya Mishra” Papa said laughing loudly.

“Very funny as if I don’t know I am Aditya Mishra” I said.

But, what was happening at that time I simply didn’t knew.

Exactly after a week as Her family was in contact with my family and they were deciding dates for the functions.
Particularly in arranged marriages. Girl and the boy is not allowed to meet before marriage.
But, maybe I could call her !
That also I am not sure.

I had took leave for 15 days from my office as Maa wanted to do shopping for the ring ceremony and wedding.

As Valentine’s week had started . I loved that dialogue of MS DHONI movie
“Mai nahi banata Valentine’s Falentine’s day” it means “I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day”.
First time I am thinking to wish someone or to celebrate it 🙈

The changed Aditya Mishra

But from where will I get her number.?

I took my Papa’s phone secretly. Searched for the number.
There were two number saved by same names.

“898193….- Tyagi Ji”
“982738….-Tyagi Ji 2”

This is a trend of saving number. If another tyagi comes it will be saved as Tyagi Ji 3.
So, I dialled Tyagi Ji 2 because Tyagi Ji was uncle’s number and I was sure about it.

Tring Tring

“Hello” I said.

“Hello. Who is this” Uncle said.

*In my mind, why this always happen with me. What should I say then? What he will think about me? I am so desperate to have a talk with Sakshi.. *

“Namastey ! Uncle. This is Aditya. I just call you to ask how are you ?.” I said.

” Oh. Beta ! I am fine . You tell” He said.

” I am also fine. Uncle this is my number ” I said.

“Nice to hear you. I will save this number” He said.

Building courage to ask about her daughter, after all I am soon going to be her husband. I think I have all right to ask

“Uncle Ji. ! How is Sakshi?” I said.

“Sakshi is fine beta ! But now she is in school” He said.
“Oh. ! ” I said.

“You want to talk to her. Take her number” He said.

First time uncle said something that my ears were eager to listen
“Sure uncle” i said.

” Please note down” he said.

*I noted down the number”

“Thank you uncle ” i said.

“Its okay ! Talk to you later” he said.

” Sure uncle. Namastey” I said.

Finally I had her number. NO GUTS to call her.
Again I had several thoughts in my mind.
But landed upon the thought of calling her.

I dialled the number… 779272….

” Hello ” She said.

*Her melodious voice, I kept that call in recording”

“Hello, Here Aditya ! How are you” I said.

“Oh hey ! I am fine. How come you called me, from where you got my number” she said.

” Relax ! Actually I called your father and he only gave your number. I think I had all the rights to call you?” I said.

“Yeah ! Fine” She said.

“Are you busy” I said.

“No . Here it is break time” she said.

“So, u liked the ring?” I said.

“Of course I liked. It is very pretty” she said.

” I know. I know” I said.

I think the right time to ask about that BECAUSE

” And say” she said.

” I want to ask you something. Can I?” I said.

“Yeah. Please go ahead ” she said.

“Actually everything happened so quickly and I couldn’t listened to you properly. Why you responded as a YES” I said.

“Ohh.. Really you want to know” she said laughing.

“Yeah ! I want to know” I said.

“See. Its a YES from my side BECAUSE …
I always wanted a guy who can respect my opinions and think about me and value me.
When I will crack jokes on him, he won’t mind it and can laugh with me.
The guy who gives respect to my parents.
As you raised your voice to ask my decision about this marriage, my Mom described everything.
So in future no body can underestimate me with harming intentions as you will always stand there for me.
Now a big YES because you will insanely search for me if I will get lost some where as you did now. ” She said laughing.

“That’s so sweet of you, I didn’t thought so much. You describe pretty well. So, I have crossed every hurdle to be your Man?” I said.

“Of course , that’s why today we are talking ” she said.

“I am very happy now . Thank you so much” I said.

“I am also happy” she said.

“Let’s meet then ” I said.

“You need to wait” she said.

“Why no? Nobody will come to know” I said.

“If parents don’t want this , we should not meet. Just few months are left , after that we have to stay together” She said.

“You know ! Maa finally have her ‘Sanskari bahu'(Daughter in law who follow rituals)” I said laughing.

“Hahaha.. That’s great. I have to go because the break is over ” she said.

“Yeah ! Sure. ” I said.

“Talk to you later” she said.

“Bye Sakshi” I said.

“Bye Ji” she said.

I loved her Ji

After knowing the reasons I was very happy and I had the phone call recording.
So, I had my earphones and listened the audio for more than 10 times.
Few more months can build a stronger relationship as it was building from now onwards
“Tujhko bana kar ke, tujhko bana kar ke lejyege Aditya Ki dulhania(Will make you Aditya’s girl)” I sang thinking about Sakshi.
“Beta ! What so hurry for the marriage? Song and all. ” Papa said laughing.
Why ? whenever I am in excited stated Papa usually came and everything vanishes.
So here I was with the mixed emotions of Sakshi’s healing words and my Papa making jokes. A great combination 😂
But ignoring all the other things . I was enjoying whatever was happening.
That’s the magic of what I don’t know, maybe the Magic of being special for a girl
Thank you god for sending her in my life




Arranged Marriage: A Boy story

SavedPicture-20172220830.jpg“Pack 20 samosas ” I said.

“₹300 ” shopkeeper said.

Special guests are coming today.
I am Aditya , 28 year old, work in MNC as a software engineer and not so fond of people.
Let me tell you why guests are coming , as in to look me for their daughter.
I found my age perfect to be engage.
While I entered in the house. Papa received a call that they are on the way.
Should I be nervous that the girl’s family is coming to see me or  Should I be strongly and boldly behave like a masculine man?
But, somewhere in my heart there exist a nervousness and I really don’t know why this was happening so.

“Namastey ! Namastey !.. Please come in ” Papa said.

“Namastey Ji” Uncle said(Maybe my future father in-law).

With all the respect I touched uncle and aunty Ji feet.
Maa served snacks and tea to them.

I am thinking what uncle will ask me?

“From where you had completed your studies” Uncle said.

“I completed my high school from KVS” I said.

Uncle asked me about where I work, how I go to my office and how much I earn(Most important thing).
/Typical Arranged Marriages Question/
Whereas I earn pretty well of ₹15 lakhs per annum in which there is an easy survival for a middle class family.

After few more questions, he asked my father to fix a meeting place and time for meeting their daughter.
“Surely ! We will plan it” Papa said.

Uncle and aunty Ji liked me a little bit for their daughter(kind of satisfaction for me)
My Papa and Maa asked me to do whatever I like.

The meeting as fixed at the third party place who knew our families .

They served snacks and tea to us.

After a while the girl entered in the room.
The girl wearing a chudidaar suit, her hairs were open, her eyes with stroke of eyeliner, her lips in pinkish colour and of course a smile on her face.

I wasn’t able to understand why I was feeling nervous after recognizing her presence in the same room.

Maybe she would be thinking the exact things.
Looking every where except looking at her.

“Let’s go outside , have a talk so that you can come to know each other” Aunty said(Who fixed the meeting).

After becoming a little bit comfortable I was observing the girl she was making faces and  her legs were shivering.
Observing her can make anyone understand that she wasn’t feeling comfortable and that was obvious

“Shall we go ? ” I asked.

“Take Kajal with you and I will also come”Aunty said.

Kajal(Aunty’s daughter) younger than the girl I am planning to spend my whole.

On the empty road under the moonlight. I wasn’t able to start aphasic conversation.
“I know its odd to meet someone like this” I said.

Trying to make her feel comfortable.

“No its ok ! So tell me about your hobbies” she asked.

“My hobbies are reading books, playing cricket. I prefer reading inspirational novels. What is yours?” I asked.

“I don’t have a specific hobby, I get involve in whatever is happening in the environment” she said.

“That sounds interesting. So, I am a software engineer as you already know this” I said.

“Yeah ! Really nice. I am a high school teacher ” she said.
“Oh that madam kind off” I said.

” Yeah ! My computer subject was very poor in school and I never use to complete my work on time” she said.

“I think Computer is fun loving subject and the languages can be learn like a vocational subject and I like doing programming” I said.

“Ohhh. Doing program requires a sharp brain. That’s why you are bald”, she said laughing on it.

“Hahahaha.. Yeah exactly. Its not that much. A little of I guess” i said.
“What is your dressing sense , like what you prefer wearing as your basic style?”,she asked.

“As working in MNC I wear formals and usually for outing I prefer wearing what makes me feel comfortable” I said.

What else a person should discuss about…
Is it important to ask about her past life as she had any relationship or love thing?
I think it’s not required if she comply for the Wedding then whatever things were in the past it really doesn’t matter for me.

The discussion time ups 😛
We walked in to the aunty’s place.

When we entered into the room our parents were staring us.
They might be curious about the talking and our views for each another. They will agree or not for it.

“Done?” My Papa whispered into my ear.

So instantly how can I decide. Is she is the girl of my dreams with whom I am ready to give my love and live together forever. How parents ask questions so quickly as if I am going to buy something.
For buying a shirt also I think so much and this is about my life.

“I need some time” I whispered.

“What time? She is beautiful and well educated. Its a perfect match” Papa whispered.

I went outside the room so that I can talk with myself about this situation.

“Will she be able to handle me?”

“She is so beautiful, I think I am not that much good looking, on the other hand she called me bald”

“Maybe she doesn’t like my dressing sense”

“Its a perfect match for my papa point of view, but is that same for her point of view.”

After questioning with my own thoughts. I landed up for saying YES to it and will wait for her answer. If it’s important for the boy side. Its important for the girl as well.
If she also want the same thing. Then I don’t think there is anything wrong in this relationship and I wasted up asking questions to myself. But, it gave me a kind of mental peace
I entered and everyone was staring me as if I am a superstar of some movie.
Everyone was eagerly waiting for my response.

“Its a YES from my side. If Sakshi thinks the same then I am ready to spend my whole life with her” I said(blushing).

“Where are sweets ? Its a good news” Papa said.

“Wait ! But ask Sakshi if she is ready or not?” I asked Papa.

“Does it matter. Its a male dominating society. Don’t act like women as you need to ask her about it” Papa said in a low voice tone so that it could only be audible to me.

“No, she has the same right for keeping her views. I want her to answer then only something will be fixed” I said a bit loudly.

Papa giving weird looks and asked her mother to call her for the same. She again came in the room.

“Its a YES from my side. Because…” She said.

Her mother trying not to make her speak about the reason.
Ohh god. ! I want to know the reason behind that YES.
That, why she agreed.

Why these parents do everything like this. At that moment I was thinking to freeze the whole world and let her speak after that BECAUSE.
I know this is something foolish but can’t help it to stop such kind of emotions.

YES to YES a new journey of life begins from that day. I hope that lasts forever.

/*Arrange marriage , later feeling of love but the best one as compare with love marriages */

I smiled again looking at her , she blushed and we made abysmal eye contact.

© Rashmi Tiwari