Dear Future Husband

An innocent letter!

Dear future husband,

So, when we grow up, we get those vibes to meet someone who will understand us deeply.
Maybe this is for someone, who is not here with me right now but fortunately will be coming someday to take me away from the rest of the world.

There is no expectation from you because you will be eternal love. I don’t know whether I would fall in love with you the time I see you or just set up an arranged marriage where my family will choose you.

It can be love at first sight or only an intuitive feeling that this is the one from the inner voice.
I wonder what you must be doing at this moment?

I imagine you some time, that one moment thinking about what you must be doing right now takes me to another world.

Call it the world of my day dreaming or something else

It’s ok if you are old school, or who don’t like holding hands in public. Someone, who dives and speaks from his eyes.

Your lip-syncing the favorite song of mine, maybe that is “Kaise Mujhe tum mil Gayi” or “Bade ache lagte ho”

It’s ok if you don’t know how to cook because I know how to do that. But how lovely it would be if you cut those veggies before I reach home from work. And, help me out in the kitchen with dishes.
It’s ok if you are not a good singer but maybe your voice is my melody to tune up every time I see you.

You know we ain’t perfect and we can never be!
But you know what, that understanding can bridge the two hearts together.

How wonderful it would be if you oil my hair every weekend with love and care. See, I will do the same for you.

Do you know any charm spells?

Like, you have captured my attention. You know that smile on your face is like the sun rising from the east, always spreading its sunshine.
And, your presence is like the rain that showers and brings the petrichor. If somedays, I am down, please hug me gently in your arms.

Somedays, when I act stupidly, calm me down and make me understand the situation.

My small contribution showers the words of appreciation so that I lost myself somewhere in you. Surprise me with secret personalized gifts on my birthday, and anniversary.

Love me more on the days where I am, what I am actually.

It’s okay if you can’t say I love you frequently, you only need to play your guitar that will convey your feeling or does those acts of care and affection that will speak on behalf of you.

I believe you will be the man of the Golden heart, who will help everyone who needs you. You will be the man of your words, you won’t hesitate to say that’s my girl in public because you will be the perfect jigsaw for my incomplete part who will color my life with a rainbow

You know, you will encourage me to be what I will be. You will add more values and wisdom to my soul too.

I still don’t know where you are and what you must be doing right now

But I am sure

You are for me because you are defined in my lines of destiny.

Goodbye Parasite

Not everyone can take those brave steps, and in life, we meet so many people and the presence of everyone is there to teach us some lesson that helps us to grow into a stronger beings.
So here it goes, on behalf of s/he and proclaiming the journey of self-discovery and bidding bye to the past

I sometimes wonder, whether meeting you was the best thing or losing you!

And then, I sit back and think about it and find my answer in those silences.

Meeting you was part of my life because I didn’t learn the lesson of self-worth or how you must not trust fully to someone.

Then, it is highly prominent that I forgot how I must be treated or how a beautiful relationship looks like, I was just adjusting to your norms and kept on molding myself the way you wanted me to.

I degraded my self-worth when I was with you and forgot my identity which was present in my conscious.

So, today I thank you for coming into my life and becoming a parasite. It was an unbreakable bond but my inner courage allowed me to open my heart and let you out from it. Ahaan, such a relief it was.

Yes, it was painful, but the healing process was so much wonderful that it allowed me to discover my true self and let me go out and take those risks, and made me a self-centered person.

Being with you was much tougher than the aftermath because it was the time for the new beginnings.

A new beginning of ‘n’ number of things.

Just a piece of advice for those who are still in confusion, you need to open your heart and let go of everyone who doesn’t deserve to be in your aura or to get your simple attention. Be a self-sufficient person and start the journey of self-discovery, you will love it wholeheartedly. Fly like a butterfly!


Flowing with the thoughts, too much love all at once.

Today at the corner, beautiful eyes caught her sight

Something magical, pleasing and uncontrollable quite

Them eyes were deep like the ocean full of lives

Once it glared her, and she melt as a candle in limber pieces

Dwelling the desire and soothing the fire

Afterall it was just glare at the corner hire

Hailing to a sailing day, and sunshine gleaming her face

Someone she hear from her behind in loud pace

Being limitless she went ahead to survey

He, with a charming smile appear like a blossom of may

And takes heart endlessly for sure…

Living in the moment, continuum looking back

Was it the captain? Who took her heart aback

Next destination was a techie place

Pool full of intelligent heads sitting in queue

She was in a doubt, and raise query to resolve

Found a hand, getting her the solve

Too much love all at once, was it an end, or just the beginning in longing days…

Slight touch of wind around her

Aromatic smoke surround her

Was it the D Day, and whom shall she choose?

Rapture the everyday in a whole mini world stay!

All love at once, but one is meant for her!

Down the memory lane

Some days, you feel to get into those memories that bring a smile to your face. And one of those times is the college days. 

I am sharing one of the best memories of my college days. At our college, there was an annual department fest called ‘Exodus’ organized every year. Our group of 8 girls (one friend was absent that day, so technically 7-were present) participated in some game in which we had to click pictures as mentioned in the list. I am sharing the list that we got and also the shots we captured.

Meanwhile, this event was so fun, we did not win the prize but yes a beautiful time we had as a team. 



Aaj ka Anand


Stranger’s autograph


I am the waiter here 😆


Fun with kinder joy, I think this is the best shot!


Tried making her tallest girl 😛


Duckling walk, the funniest of all. Look at the biker looking back 😆 to see all of us.


Use of Helmet, Goggles, and Covering your face (Relatable for nowadays)


Murder mystery solving


Get natural milk from here


Coffee Bean that we found after a lot of search

Meanwhile, this event was so fun that enjoyed every bit of it.

Let us go down memory lane, collecting reminiscence in my closet of souvenirs. The days full of joy and happiness with the essence of innocence in the heart. The best is to close your eyes and get the panacea of your bad mood in the journey. 

Are you ready?

Dive down memory lane to find the hidden pearls of life with the beautiful time and get your teeth to smile.

P.S: Dedicated to my college friends, Ambika, Renuka, Isha, Swetha, Tanya, Ankita, and Ritu.

You can share your experience with me by commenting down below. If you like the post?

Then, press the like icon, comment, and share with your friends. 

रंग लागे

रंग दे

रंग में तेरी ऐसे रंगू की, हर रंग में तेरी बन जाऊ।

तेरी लगाई हल्दी की पीली रंग में रंग कर उसे शुभ बनाऊं ।

तेरे माथे पर केसर का तिलक लगाऊं।

और तेरे हाथो से लाल रंग अपने मांग पर सजाकर जिंदगी भर के लिए तेरी हो जाऊ।

और क्या अभिलाषा होगी इस रंगो की रंगीन परिभाषा की।


Made my Day 💛


Hello everyone, I am sharing a small incident that happened today. While I was working, and close to the computer system, I have my turtles tank.

In the morning, we cleaned their tank and the water was appearing crystal clear. My turtles were excited to enjoy in the still water. We gave them food and had our lunch.

Thereafter, the moment I entered my room, I saw that my turtles were holding each other hands. My sister quickly recorded a short video and surprisingly it was the first time I saw something like this.

It was a beautiful feeling; how animals have their way to express affection and these silent creatures made my day.
So, just like them, we should find love and peace in small things.

Moreover, support each other in their lives to make a difference for the betterment.

P.S: Love you, babies, 🕉✡ It was such a random post; I didn’t get time to read it but yes few things are just intuitive. Show some love to my lovelies.

Tum kabhi nhi jaan paoge!


Tum kya ho shayad tum kabhi nhi jaan paoge,
Uss anjani si sadak ke kinare se ho,
Jaha ek chai ki dukaan hua karti thi,
Kabhi cycle se ana jana hota tha,
Aur uss ped ke piche sath bethe thie hum
Yaad nhi ki hatho mai hath tha ya nhi
Bas hoto par ek muskurahat thi aur aasman jitni khuli azaadi.

Tum kya ho shayad tum kabhi nhi jaan paoge,
Woh jese , andhere mai ek choti si roshni nhi hoti,
Bas usko hi khojte hue agge badhti gyi,
Jaha tum mile, ek muskan ke sath aur dher sari baton ke sath,
Maine socha ye janab kon hai?
Socha tha mil kar firse se ussi chai ke nukkad ke pas wale ped ki chaho mai beth kar chaar batein karege.
Par shayad ye itna aasaan bhi NHi tha.
Khair yaadein toh bana hi li itni ki ab sochte h, kya se kya ho gye dekhte dekhte..

Tum kya ho shyad tum kabhi nhi jaan paoge,
Woh ek kal kal si awaz hoti hai, uss pani ki jaha se, tumne mera pratibimb pehli baar dekha tha
Uss sham ko, jab koi nhi tha tab bhi, Durr se nazaro se nihara tha
Kuch guldaste Beth mai jarur diye thie, aur woh maine Dil ki diary mai daba rakhe hai.
Tum uss Mann ki jwala mai shanti ke samaan ho
Tum woh baton Mai methai ki chashni ke samaan ho
Tum baraste hue badal ki boondo ke samaan ho
Jo jaha rahe jod deta hai mujhe uss meri Mann ki awaaz se.

Jo bhi ho anjane aur dewane, milna toh shyd aise hi tha
Aur, kuch logo ke ane se badalaav aa jata hai, sunna tha
Aaj mehsus bhi kar lia
Tum chahe kaho kitni bhi batein, nhi likhe itne tarane kisi ke liye kabhi


SOCIAL MEDIA FAST: I left social media for 45 days

It sounds interesting or boring when you read, ‘SOCIAL MEDIA FAST’, that all depends on you, and I will share my experience of not using the social media platform for 45 days. It was a fun time indeed, as I did a lot of things at once. I am proud of myself that I made my days productive. 

There are only two possible ways why you go on social media fast. 


By choice, it is somehow difficult as it tests your patience to what level you cannot use any social media platform because most of the people ahead of you, like your family, friends, or colleagues, might be using it.

So, how this thought came to my mind?

It was not the first time that I uninstall all my social media apps. But, yes for a long time, I did not do it. I checked my phone setting, and there was a screen time for each app. I saw the screen time for WhatsApp, which was around 3 hours a day on average, and Instagram was 2 hours a day. I calculated other apps as well and found I am using my phone more than 6 hours a day that is equivalent to a peaceful sleep.

My goodness!

It is not just my story as I feel many people are leading me in this race.

I realized that I have to take a break from all these and focus more on reality. I uninstalled WhatsApp on 16th Sept 2020, and in a few days, I uninstalled Instagram as well. 

Initially, it was not difficult for me to live without these apps. But as days were passing, I was missing WhatsApp and Instagram icon on my phone. On my way to media fast, there were few challenges like my exams were there, and I had to connect with my classmates and the college group to be in touch with the exam updates. At that time, my mother helped me as she joined my college group, and she was updating me on whatever was happening through her WhatsApp.

I managed to appear for my exams and cleared all my papers. 😊

I am also doing Job. And, I connected with my boss and seniors through skype (There was nobody available on Skype apart from office staff). 

How I made my days Productive?

I started writing a journal book in which I listed all the tasks that I wanted to complete in a day. (I will share that journal writing in another article). By the end of the day, the ticks gave me satisfaction (Ye Bhi Kia, ye hogya, tick, tick, and tick)

In my free time, I was following my hobbies and interests, along with learning new things. Moreover, it was fun to prepare the checklist a day before. 

I bought baby saplings and took good care of them. My money plant has grown so long with beautiful leaves. Here are some pictures from my balcony and window gardening

Green ❤

Many times, I was waking up early so, here is a picture from my window

I did calligraphy as well; I will show you some more later.

First page of my diary

As per my views, what advantages I found in not using social media platforms are – 

  1. If you have a task to complete, SOCIAL MEDIA FAST will speed you up.
  2. PRODUCTIVITY will increase
  3. You can spend more TIME with your FAMILY.
  4. You get more time to IMPROVE YOURSELF.
  5. You don’t get affected by what others are doing – I feel what people show you in their stories is not the reality. There are some who just “show-off” or “want our attention”.
  6. You start using TEXT messages and EMAIL to connect.
  7. I made challenges list and started doing some of them.
  8. Peaceful sleep as you do not surf on social media unnecessarily.
  9. Give rest to your beautiful eyes.
  10. You get to know WHO CARE for you – In this era, it is usual that we drop a message and think our duty to be in touch is done. Even I got calls from some of my friends who asked me where I am, but there were few who I did not care about me. I uninstalled social media apps, but my number was active 😛  

 Disadvantages that I felt

  1. Difficult to connect with some necessary people from the workplace or college

There will be other disadvantages as well, but genuinely I felt this one.

Social media is a good place to connect with people you know, you never know, or you wanted to know. And, as it is said, everything has its advantages and disadvantages. It up to you how you pick up things for yourself.

Thank you for giving your valuable time to read the article. If you had done anything like this, you can share your experience in the comment section. Also, you can share your views regarding this article.

Happy Blogging 😊