Screenshot: SHE and HE


“For the last time I want to meet her” He messaged me.
“For the last time I want to meet him” She messaged me.
My task was to make this love bird together.
“After 2 years of relationship, I am not able to move on” She said.
They had a beautiful relationship in their high school.
She doing her graduation and he still preparing for the medical entrance.
She shared everything about their relationship to me. Their ups and downs with the resolving matters.
I am the only connection between them, they don’t message each other, even they don’t talk. But , at some place they trusted me and tell me the heart things out.
It was not just a meeting, it was the last time meeting. He was shifting to some other place.
“I want to gift him something” she said.
Took her to the gift shop, with the confused mind choosing the best gift and packed it over.
At that particular time her feelings towards him was visible, it could be felt at that time.
Suddenly, I remembered my lovely days , the days I don’t want to remember out. My ‘him’.
“That’s really nice, he will like it !” I said avoid thinking about the past.
After sometime He called me to ask for the help of selecting the gift for her.
As in I was the only bridge connection in their romance.

“At 10 am ?” He typed.
I took the screenshot and Send it to her.
” Yeah ! Sure ;)” She typed.
Again I took the screenshot and send it to him.
The meeting point where I was sitting opposite to them.
Using He’s JIO and watching videos.
By the time I was busy looking into the phone screen.
Suddenly I looked up and saw them holding each other hands
I realise at that time where I was wrong in my love.
I realise the way they adore each other with the same passion.
The care and trust they have for each other.
Each day I wish that they always be together forever

She gave the gift and He did the same.

I want to give them space , so I told He to drop She to her place.
So, that they can get a little of their space where they can discuss whatever they feel like.

In the evening I received text from the love birds, thanking me not just once but many times.
As obvious I was happy not only because I helped them but because I come to know the true meaning of Love ❤.

Sending screenshots I still do and I think that in this digital world still they believe me as their connector letter.
/Screenshot letter/
/© Rashmi Tiwari /




In the early morning , the red warm colour of the sky
Make me feel realise that she is along with me.
The old gnarled relationship with her
From the birth to the heaven.
Her old and interesting theory of life , broached up by her own experiences.
As being a tyro she held my fingers to face the world.
Her voice gave soothe presence to my ears.
The gentle touch while making me off sleep.
Her endless beauty like the pristine reflection of night sky in ocean,
With magical shooting stars.
The intoxicating smile which make me feel with the angel I am sitting with.
She is the beauty of the nature and love of my life.
She is the protagonist model for me.
She made me the human I am, coz there is no special day to describe her uniqueness, the way she handle me, the best care which no one can give.
You are the best thing happened in my life to the day I was born. Encouraging me in preciosity with literature.
Each and every time if I thank you ,it would be less.
Thank you god for choosing me as her daughter.
Thank you mom for be my Mentor.
With you its 19 Years 😍
Happy birthday to me as it this day is also a new birth day for her.
I love you Mummy.

Ten days of love scintilla

She is missing that person with whom it was a habit to be with. Waiting for him and giving explanation of ten days of the love spark Here it goes on..

                                        FIRST DAY 

I am the well defined importance for him.
Meanwhile a few lines he spoke at the end. With a lot of meaning in the single sentence. “Take care dear and I will miss you”.
I never fear of losing him because the time had made this beautiful instant to capture our well-being.

Is this the first day of love scintilla?

                                      SECOND DAY

Looking at the beautiful night sky wearing stars. I remember our star gazing night that was intoxicating with the eyes met, with the touch repeating of the neoteric love.

Then it comes with my second day of love scintilla.

                                      THIRD DAY

Listening to the repeatedly 80s n 90s Hindi romantic songs, well played on his Casio with the same tune I love. Holding my hands with a wider curve on face.

It reminded me about the third day of love scintilla.

                                     FOURTH DAY

The portrait of mine on his heart. Is it still there?. The probe with my own opinions make me think of the time he made my facet with the painting colours.

Landed on the fourth day of love scintilla.

                                      FIFTH DAY 

The diary I found, and simply written over there.. Some day I would not be there. I wish you to feel me there with the things we shared and the remaining plans to execute.

I smiled after reading that and it reminded me off the fifth day of love scintilla.

                                     SIXTH DAY

He is the first thing which comes in my mind. I wore the ring he gifted me the day he realise what I am for him. The ring have its own solace memories.

Counting down with the sixth day of love scintilla.

                                     SEVENTH DAY

While going on the shopping and troubling him to choose the one for me. The faces he make, the patience he showed were missing on my Single hangout.

It’s my memories with him in the seventh day of love scintilla.

                                     EIGHTH DAY

Riding on the way, we start up doing competitions with bicycle we have. Moving on the smooth roads. Challenging each other and every time he losses because he wants me to win.

Here I paddling on the way today alone with the wave of eight day of love scintilla.

                                     NINTH DAY

The day remind of when I was wearing the beautiful night sky and he was with his own sunshine. We engrossed deeply in each other forgetting the pains and troubles we had.
Let the partition be Over soon.

Coming back in the reality with the ninth day of love scintilla.

                                     TENTH DAY

He appreciated my imagination with big smile “No one can imagine so beautiful and so much in this planet as you do”… I repeating the same lines again and again, imagining him at the door. Feeling the intuition of him to Be There.

And this was the tenth day of love scintilla..

My lady spark ended when I completed writing this ten days of love scintilla inspired by the five days of drowning by Mugilan Raju. His post FDoD gave me the best of idea to present the another spark of mine.
Thank you so much Mugilan Raju. ☺
The best writer I had ever seen. His words are mesmerizing and intoxicating with all purity and love relating. He is a wonderful writer who can present his darling words like the pearls in the ocean. His every post make me feel of his heart. A very responsible person with dreamy eyes

Awaited Desire

When I was there alone on the way,
Without the shoring slay.
He came and holds me up,
I don’t know at that time why he clutched.


He loved me as no one had ever done.

It was not just an illusion, it was the future with in,
Building the milestones.

All of the that time into an year.

Carving down the feelings with a lot of passion,
Making everything full of compassion.
He love everything about me,
To the nature beauty inside , to the depth of scars.

Accepted the way I am,
Where the things go exactly the same.
May be in your dreams at one acute day,
My time speaks the same song of deed.

Corral all together, happiness is so beautiful.
The life redefined.
Where I was alone all the way indeed.
With the best I am here with him.

Sketch made by Tanya Sharma

Be There


Let the feelings be more valuable than the spoken words.
The showers of the winters cursing the beauty facets.
The hold on , the breathe to wink eyes with placate.
Just a glint say a word to my soul and the end wants to hear up from you.
Your infinite desires can make me feel cherish.
The indecisive ME is deciding YOU as mine forever 💝 …..


PURE LOVE SIGHT- Long Live Lovers II

Lovely in all the sights

Rashmi Tiwari


“And her smile made me to find something beautiful than the stars” without the sender name but It was for me.. Boldly mentioned my NAME. My smile is so beautiful. ..😝
It was written on the letter , I received with a bouquet of flowers.
Today is not my birthday..
Today is not a special day also..
Her smile… Definitely…some close friend..
I have so many friends..
Handwriting was not familiar.
“Your breakfast” she said.
“Thanks mom” I said.
“What Is this?” She said pointing out the bouquet 💐.
” I don’t know..! Name is not there” I said.
” They would have delivered in the wrong address” she said.
“It can b possible” I said.
Slightly I put that card in my casual pockets, I don’t want her to react like a ‘Typical Mom’..
I was thinking.. Who is this foolish person, sending me card like this in my…

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The Gallant Family


The WAR time and her husband’s body were back in the tricolor wrap.
She cried all nights with a small baby in her hand.
With no hope about the further life and felt the need of him.
She lived at that time because of her small baby boy, the last remark of his.
“Have to live for you…” She said with flamboyancy.
Year passed…. With the loneliness, surrounded.
She tried to search happiness in her son.
Giving the best of education, making him grew up with the
Brave stories of his father.
The patriotism, she conferred and dissolve in her son ❤
One day.
“I will join the Army. Maa” he said.
She was waiting to hear this from him she wants him to
Be in the Army.
“Apply and go for it, ” she said.
He completed his training and become an officer in the Army.
After few years.
War time.
” I have to go,” He said.
” All the best you will shine out, ” she said.
One of his husband’s friends advised her “You are alone. Stop him. Don’t let him go” He said.
“It is his duty. I can’t stop him, ” she said.
Again the phase repeated.
Her son’s body came wrapped in the tricolor. Husband’s friend came and said ” I told you earlier about this, still you hadn’t tried to stop him. Unnecessarily don’t cry and regret of your decision”
“I am not crying because I had lost my son instead I am proud of him. I am crying because If the war again happen, from my side whom I am going to send? I DON’T HAVE ANOTHER SON” she said.
The silence surrounded.
Her answer was unbelievable and touching. With the loss of all of her precious things, she is worried for the country.
The war widows or families face a lot of problems.
Still, if they have one hope 🤞🏻 also they will let them join the Army
To serve for the Nation on their behalf.
Salute to all the war widows who are so bold and courageous to live life after the death of inner peace and love.