Everest Point


All of us, do not have equal talents. But, all of us have an equal opportunity to develop our talents.
By APJ Abdul Kalam.
Think about where you are right now in terms of your dreams.
Wait and think about the practice you are doing to achieve it.
What are the changes you have to make?

List all the essential things you have to do in order to achieve your dream.
What are dreams ?
Dreams are inspiration. Dream to be something different from others. A place where you always wanted to be from so long. Dreams relate with hard work, perseverance, optimistic and encouraging terms.
Well !
There is no end for dreams.
Dreams are endless. But are always in sequence.
There is no “skip” for any of the steps.
Following these steps can lead you to achieve the Everest Point.

Everest point means the stage where you are satisfied with whatever you have achieved.
But a human is never satisfied of what he has.
Human is always in search for more success, more desires and wish for more in everything.
We all have dreams…
Dreams for reaching the Everest point.
Everest point is not just a small dream. It’s a big dream which gives purpose to do some work with excitement and enthusiasm.
It is human tendency that they easily get bore of doing the same things again and again.
But, if you tie every work with your dream then the desire to fulfil the dream will never die. Because dreams are not like the tides of an ocean, dreams are like a flowing river which never stops.
It keeps on flowing .
To reach the Everest point where a person is all satisfied from his/her deeds.
Believe in yourself and be satisfied with what you have as there are so many people who can’t afford the way you are living.
All the best for your future and never complain about what u don’t have.
Cheers and love yourself.


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