Arranged Marriage: A Boy story

SavedPicture-20172220830.jpg“Pack 20 samosas ” I said.

“₹300 ” shopkeeper said.

Special guests are coming today.
I am Aditya , 28 year old, work in MNC as a software engineer and not so fond of people.
Let me tell you why guests are coming , as in to look me for their daughter.
I found my age perfect to be engage.
While I entered in the house. Papa received a call that they are on the way.
Should I be nervous that the girl’s family is coming to see me or  Should I be strongly and boldly behave like a masculine man?
But, somewhere in my heart there exist a nervousness and I really don’t know why this was happening so.

“Namastey ! Namastey !.. Please come in ” Papa said.

“Namastey Ji” Uncle said(Maybe my future father in-law).

With all the respect I touched uncle and aunty Ji feet.
Maa served snacks and tea to them.

I am thinking what uncle will ask me?

“From where you had completed your studies” Uncle said.

“I completed my high school from KVS” I said.

Uncle asked me about where I work, how I go to my office and how much I earn(Most important thing).
/Typical Arranged Marriages Question/
Whereas I earn pretty well of ₹15 lakhs per annum in which there is an easy survival for a middle class family.

After few more questions, he asked my father to fix a meeting place and time for meeting their daughter.
“Surely ! We will plan it” Papa said.

Uncle and aunty Ji liked me a little bit for their daughter(kind of satisfaction for me)
My Papa and Maa asked me to do whatever I like.

The meeting as fixed at the third party place who knew our families .

They served snacks and tea to us.

After a while the girl entered in the room.
The girl wearing a chudidaar suit, her hairs were open, her eyes with stroke of eyeliner, her lips in pinkish colour and of course a smile on her face.

I wasn’t able to understand why I was feeling nervous after recognizing her presence in the same room.

Maybe she would be thinking the exact things.
Looking every where except looking at her.

“Let’s go outside , have a talk so that you can come to know each other” Aunty said(Who fixed the meeting).

After becoming a little bit comfortable I was observing the girl she was making faces and  her legs were shivering.
Observing her can make anyone understand that she wasn’t feeling comfortable and that was obvious

“Shall we go ? ” I asked.

“Take Kajal with you and I will also come”Aunty said.

Kajal(Aunty’s daughter) younger than the girl I am planning to spend my whole.

On the empty road under the moonlight. I wasn’t able to start aphasic conversation.
“I know its odd to meet someone like this” I said.

Trying to make her feel comfortable.

“No its ok ! So tell me about your hobbies” she asked.

“My hobbies are reading books, playing cricket. I prefer reading inspirational novels. What is yours?” I asked.

“I don’t have a specific hobby, I get involve in whatever is happening in the environment” she said.

“That sounds interesting. So, I am a software engineer as you already know this” I said.

“Yeah ! Really nice. I am a high school teacher ” she said.
“Oh that madam kind off” I said.

” Yeah ! My computer subject was very poor in school and I never use to complete my work on time” she said.

“I think Computer is fun loving subject and the languages can be learn like a vocational subject and I like doing programming” I said.

“Ohhh. Doing program requires a sharp brain. That’s why you are bald”, she said laughing on it.

“Hahahaha.. Yeah exactly. Its not that much. A little of I guess” i said.
“What is your dressing sense , like what you prefer wearing as your basic style?”,she asked.

“As working in MNC I wear formals and usually for outing I prefer wearing what makes me feel comfortable” I said.

What else a person should discuss about…
Is it important to ask about her past life as she had any relationship or love thing?
I think it’s not required if she comply for the Wedding then whatever things were in the past it really doesn’t matter for me.

The discussion time ups 😛
We walked in to the aunty’s place.

When we entered into the room our parents were staring us.
They might be curious about the talking and our views for each another. They will agree or not for it.

“Done?” My Papa whispered into my ear.

So instantly how can I decide. Is she is the girl of my dreams with whom I am ready to give my love and live together forever. How parents ask questions so quickly as if I am going to buy something.
For buying a shirt also I think so much and this is about my life.

“I need some time” I whispered.

“What time? She is beautiful and well educated. Its a perfect match” Papa whispered.

I went outside the room so that I can talk with myself about this situation.

“Will she be able to handle me?”

“She is so beautiful, I think I am not that much good looking, on the other hand she called me bald”

“Maybe she doesn’t like my dressing sense”

“Its a perfect match for my papa point of view, but is that same for her point of view.”

After questioning with my own thoughts. I landed up for saying YES to it and will wait for her answer. If it’s important for the boy side. Its important for the girl as well.
If she also want the same thing. Then I don’t think there is anything wrong in this relationship and I wasted up asking questions to myself. But, it gave me a kind of mental peace
I entered and everyone was staring me as if I am a superstar of some movie.
Everyone was eagerly waiting for my response.

“Its a YES from my side. If Sakshi thinks the same then I am ready to spend my whole life with her” I said(blushing).

“Where are sweets ? Its a good news” Papa said.

“Wait ! But ask Sakshi if she is ready or not?” I asked Papa.

“Does it matter. Its a male dominating society. Don’t act like women as you need to ask her about it” Papa said in a low voice tone so that it could only be audible to me.

“No, she has the same right for keeping her views. I want her to answer then only something will be fixed” I said a bit loudly.

Papa giving weird looks and asked her mother to call her for the same. She again came in the room.

“Its a YES from my side. Because…” She said.

Her mother trying not to make her speak about the reason.
Ohh god. ! I want to know the reason behind that YES.
That, why she agreed.

Why these parents do everything like this. At that moment I was thinking to freeze the whole world and let her speak after that BECAUSE.
I know this is something foolish but can’t help it to stop such kind of emotions.

YES to YES a new journey of life begins from that day. I hope that lasts forever.

/*Arrange marriage , later feeling of love but the best one as compare with love marriages */

I smiled again looking at her , she blushed and we made abysmal eye contact.

© Rashmi Tiwari



25 thoughts on “Arranged Marriage: A Boy story

  1. Arrange marriage..!!!

    Only those that live with that can understand…

    And only them can accept it as normal..

    I can’t comment because I don’t know anything about this cultural habit…

    But I’m so thankful that I have my freedom of choice.. and to make sure love is involved and the first ingredient of a relationship…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. kundan

    u r an amazing writer….though u know it but i need to tell u…. u know i just cant take off my eyes off the screen whenever i read smthing on this….that is… ur blog…. fabulous yaar…. keep going….

    Liked by 1 person

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