Screenshot: SHE and HE


“For the last time I want to meet her” He messaged me.
“For the last time I want to meet him” She messaged me.
My task was to make this love bird together.
“After 2 years of relationship, I am not able to move on” She said.
They had a beautiful relationship in their high school.
She doing her graduation and he still preparing for the medical entrance.
She shared everything about their relationship to me. Their ups and downs with the resolving matters.
I am the only connection between them, they don’t message each other, even they don’t talk. But , at some place they trusted me and tell me the heart things out.
It was not just a meeting, it was the last time meeting. He was shifting to some other place.
“I want to gift him something” she said.
Took her to the gift shop, with the confused mind choosing the best gift and packed it over.
At that particular time her feelings towards him was visible, it could be felt at that time.
Suddenly, I remembered my lovely days , the days I don’t want to remember out. My ‘him’.
“That’s really nice, he will like it !” I said avoid thinking about the past.
After sometime He called me to ask for the help of selecting the gift for her.
As in I was the only bridge connection in their romance.

“At 10 am ?” He typed.
I took the screenshot and Send it to her.
” Yeah ! Sure ;)” She typed.
Again I took the screenshot and send it to him.
The meeting point where I was sitting opposite to them.
Using He’s JIO and watching videos.
By the time I was busy looking into the phone screen.
Suddenly I looked up and saw them holding each other hands
I realise at that time where I was wrong in my love.
I realise the way they adore each other with the same passion.
The care and trust they have for each other.
Each day I wish that they always be together forever

She gave the gift and He did the same.

I want to give them space , so I told He to drop She to her place.
So, that they can get a little of their space where they can discuss whatever they feel like.

In the evening I received text from the love birds, thanking me not just once but many times.
As obvious I was happy not only because I helped them but because I come to know the true meaning of Love ❤.

Sending screenshots I still do and I think that in this digital world still they believe me as their connector letter.
/Screenshot letter/
/© Rashmi Tiwari /



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