In the early morning , the red warm colour of the sky
Make me feel realise that she is along with me.
The old gnarled relationship with her
From the birth to the heaven.
Her old and interesting theory of life , broached up by her own experiences.
As being a tyro she held my fingers to face the world.
Her voice gave soothe presence to my ears.
The gentle touch while making me off sleep.
Her endless beauty like the pristine reflection of night sky in ocean,
With magical shooting stars.
The intoxicating smile which make me feel with the angel I am sitting with.
She is the beauty of the nature and love of my life.
She is the protagonist model for me.
She made me the human I am, coz there is no special day to describe her uniqueness, the way she handle me, the best care which no one can give.
You are the best thing happened in my life to the day I was born. Encouraging me in preciosity with literature.
Each and every time if I thank you ,it would be less.
Thank you god for choosing me as her daughter.
Thank you mom for be my Mentor.
With you its 19 Years 😍
Happy birthday to me as it this day is also a new birth day for her.
I love you Mummy.


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