Ten days of love scintilla

She is missing that person with whom it was a habit to be with. Waiting for him and giving explanation of ten days of the love spark Here it goes on..

                                        FIRST DAY 

I am the well defined importance for him.
Meanwhile a few lines he spoke at the end. With a lot of meaning in the single sentence. “Take care dear and I will miss you”.
I never fear of losing him because the time had made this beautiful instant to capture our well-being.

Is this the first day of love scintilla?

                                      SECOND DAY

Looking at the beautiful night sky wearing stars. I remember our star gazing night that was intoxicating with the eyes met, with the touch repeating of the neoteric love.

Then it comes with my second day of love scintilla.

                                      THIRD DAY

Listening to the repeatedly 80s n 90s Hindi romantic songs, well played on his Casio with the same tune I love. Holding my hands with a wider curve on face.

It reminded me about the third day of love scintilla.

                                     FOURTH DAY

The portrait of mine on his heart. Is it still there?. The probe with my own opinions make me think of the time he made my facet with the painting colours.

Landed on the fourth day of love scintilla.

                                      FIFTH DAY 

The diary I found, and simply written over there.. Some day I would not be there. I wish you to feel me there with the things we shared and the remaining plans to execute.

I smiled after reading that and it reminded me off the fifth day of love scintilla.

                                     SIXTH DAY

He is the first thing which comes in my mind. I wore the ring he gifted me the day he realise what I am for him. The ring have its own solace memories.

Counting down with the sixth day of love scintilla.

                                     SEVENTH DAY

While going on the shopping and troubling him to choose the one for me. The faces he make, the patience he showed were missing on my Single hangout.

It’s my memories with him in the seventh day of love scintilla.

                                     EIGHTH DAY

Riding on the way, we start up doing competitions with bicycle we have. Moving on the smooth roads. Challenging each other and every time he losses because he wants me to win.

Here I paddling on the way today alone with the wave of eight day of love scintilla.

                                     NINTH DAY

The day remind of when I was wearing the beautiful night sky and he was with his own sunshine. We engrossed deeply in each other forgetting the pains and troubles we had.
Let the partition be Over soon.

Coming back in the reality with the ninth day of love scintilla.

                                     TENTH DAY

He appreciated my imagination with big smile “No one can imagine so beautiful and so much in this planet as you do”… I repeating the same lines again and again, imagining him at the door. Feeling the intuition of him to Be There.

And this was the tenth day of love scintilla..

My lady spark ended when I completed writing this ten days of love scintilla inspired by the five days of drowning by Mugilan Raju. His post FDoD gave me the best of idea to present the another spark of mine.
Thank you so much Mugilan Raju. ☺
The best writer I had ever seen. His words are mesmerizing and intoxicating with all purity and love relating. He is a wonderful writer who can present his darling words like the pearls in the ocean. His every post make me feel of his heart. A very responsible person with dreamy eyes


2 thoughts on “Ten days of love scintilla

  1. This is one of the most beautiful pieces I have ever read! Gosh, you are ridiculously sublimely sweet to me, Miss Rashmi. Don’t make me melt. I am already a candle that’s trying to light up the path of my demonic life. (Can I just hug you?) You make me believe that I actually am a talented writer and this means the world to me. Thank you infinitely for finding meaning in my words. You make me melt of happiness, I feel so honoured and blessed to have you in my life. I don’t know how much appreciation you get, but I just want to say that I adore your writing. I love how soothing your words are; how I can feel the warmth surrounding you wherever you flow. Your writing is so beautiful that I want to clone myself a million times and follow you here with each version of myself. Such a shame that I hadn’t followed you an era ago, your thoughts are amazing, thought-provoking and ethereally poetic. I am falling so deeply in love with your writing. Slowly but steadily. Keep writing and never stop inspiring others with your work! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That one is also inspired from you. You always make me smile (You can hug πŸ˜‰). See a wonderful writer is speaking so good about my writing that is the best thing I got, it is a kind of honour for me. I never felt so important or think that I can write something like this. But, your poems and words were always there that made me more creative. Your each word is so touchy that they are beautiful flowers in the green garden. Thank you so much that you really like me work and gave such a wonderful complement about it. I am already fallen for your words πŸ˜‰. At the end thank you for inspiring me 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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