Awaited Desire

When I was there alone on the way,
Without the shoring slay.
He came and holds me up,
I don’t know at that time why he clutched.


He loved me as no one had ever done.

It was not just an illusion, it was the future with in,
Building the milestones.

All of the that time into an year.

Carving down the feelings with a lot of passion,
Making everything full of compassion.
He love everything about me,
To the nature beauty inside , to the depth of scars.

Accepted the way I am,
Where the things go exactly the same.
May be in your dreams at one acute day,
My time speaks the same song of deed.

Corral all together, happiness is so beautiful.
The life redefined.
Where I was alone all the way indeed.
With the best I am here with him.

Sketch made by Tanya Sharma


9 thoughts on “Awaited Desire

  1. Nice Poem, lovely words. Only Rashmi, I somehow though you could have used better words in this line – “He forced me to fall in love with him”.
    You cannot be forced to fall in love, Darling, Love happens with the Right Person at the Right Time.


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