PURE LOVE SIGHT- Long Live Lovers II

Lovely in all the sights

Rashmi Tiwari


“And her smile made me to find something beautiful than the stars” without the sender name but It was for me.. Boldly mentioned my NAME. My smile is so beautiful. ..😝
It was written on the letter , I received with a bouquet of flowers.
Today is not my birthday..
Today is not a special day also..
Her smile… Definitely…some close friend..
I have so many friends..
Handwriting was not familiar.
“Your breakfast” she said.
“Thanks mom” I said.
“What Is this?” She said pointing out the bouquet 💐.
” I don’t know..! Name is not there” I said.
” They would have delivered in the wrong address” she said.
“It can b possible” I said.
Slightly I put that card in my casual pockets, I don’t want her to react like a ‘Typical Mom’..
I was thinking.. Who is this foolish person, sending me card like this in my…

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