The Gallant Family


The WAR time and her husband’s body were back in the tricolor wrap.
She cried all nights with a small baby in her hand.
With no hope about the further life and felt the need of him.
She lived at that time because of her small baby boy, the last remark of his.
“Have to live for you…” She said with flamboyancy.
Year passed…. With the loneliness, surrounded.
She tried to search happiness in her son.
Giving the best of education, making him grew up with the
Brave stories of his father.
The patriotism, she conferred and dissolve in her son ❤
One day.
“I will join the Army. Maa” he said.
She was waiting to hear this from him she wants him to
Be in the Army.
“Apply and go for it, ” she said.
He completed his training and become an officer in the Army.
After few years.
War time.
” I have to go,” He said.
” All the best you will shine out, ” she said.
One of his husband’s friends advised her “You are alone. Stop him. Don’t let him go” He said.
“It is his duty. I can’t stop him, ” she said.
Again the phase repeated.
Her son’s body came wrapped in the tricolor. Husband’s friend came and said ” I told you earlier about this, still you hadn’t tried to stop him. Unnecessarily don’t cry and regret of your decision”
“I am not crying because I had lost my son instead I am proud of him. I am crying because If the war again happen, from my side whom I am going to send? I DON’T HAVE ANOTHER SON” she said.
The silence surrounded.
Her answer was unbelievable and touching. With the loss of all of her precious things, she is worried for the country.
The war widows or families face a lot of problems.
Still, if they have one hope 🤞🏻 also they will let them join the Army
To serve for the Nation on their behalf.
Salute to all the war widows who are so bold and courageous to live life after the death of inner peace and love.



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