Independence Day

The subjugation of the thought in the mind of generation.
It resembles the unfamiliar wrath of the sky.
For the special FREEDOM
The voice raise above the gregarious.
The believe of Independence that sublime before all the others.
Up thrust to the thunderstorm.
Stand still the wane by the lost.
the courage of the fighters to come up for country’s satisfaction,
For the cummings, for patriotism, for passion, for revamp
The pain and the cure for all to being INDEPENDENT.

For the struggle faced by each one in 1947 to become independent.
After independence of 70 years.
People struggle for the need of survival, for the safe morning
For the spectrum life, for the caring hands, for the cleanliness , for education, for Employment, for ancient cultures and heritage.
Freedom For women in her own Country, against female foeticides , against dowry, against all the wrong raising voices.

There is a requirement of second independence..
Independence of thoughts .. Independence for change..
Once again Independence..

Happy Independence Day.. #Change


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