Friendship Day 😊

I cut few pieces of my heart and distributed it to my beloved friends to keep that pieces with love, care, patience, believe and genial.
So, that whenever they are not with me they will always have a remind of me.
Friendship is a pure bond of love, craziness, cracknels’ and adventure..πŸ˜‚
A friend who is always there for fulfilling our demands (Parents).
A friend to whom we pray for our success in life or particularly during exams πŸ˜‚ (God).
We all have best friend, no words for theirΒ  love towards us.
A friend who would be our school friend as well as college friend .
A friend who always take tension for small matter and a friend who never take tension and just relax.
A Friend who is fond of clicking pictures and a friend who give company to them too.
A friend who is good in dancing but always feel a bit shy to move.
A friend who lives in hostel and their roommates are their family.
A friend who always say during exams that they had studied nothing still they passed with good marks.
A friend on whom you have crush uponΒ  and you start blushing whenever you met that person.
A friend with big dreams and lost in that.
A tons of friend on social media.
A friend with whom you want to do friendship.
A friend who is special for you.
A friend who like blogs.
To every friend….

Keep that heart piece with care and always remember I am there for you… ❀
Turn your page with a new chapter and begin this day with a great laughter.
Happy Friendship Day 😍

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