A letter to God


Dear God,


I am fine here and hope the same for you.

I was watching a movie in that it was showing the racial discrimination and caste discrimination. When I looked at the movie’s scenes I was feeling the pain inside and can understand the pain of the people suffering from discrimination.

Every religion have different God.. And your followers says ‘God is one’. How can ‘two’ god exist? Did you made us according to the Religions.?ย  Did you made us according to the caste system ?



God, I also observed so many of beggars at the roadsides. They are helpless, some of the are physically challenged and some of them are mentally. They can’t afford the basic need of a man that is Food, clothes and shelter.

Why you had made people poor and rich. ? If you had so many powers in yourself, create everyone equally !..


God, I observed the crime happening in this world. India is a country where women are worships as goddesses and yet burn them for dowry and female foeticides. Whenever I open newspaper I found rape , molest , kidnappingย  and murder cases. Moreover, son is killing parents because he wants money and they refuse to give it. Is money is more important than the parents?.


God, I observed that humans are becoming devils. You made animals to be our companion at every stage. Still, people are not treating them well. Can’t you tell them to go vegetarian? As how much humans have the right to live in this planet animals also do..!


God, I observed the children doing child labour in shops. They don’t have the equal right like us to get education ?

Here sponsors of different companies are sponsoring different sports tournaments and government is also helping them.

Can’t they spent money to help the people around us..??


God, your temples have so much of funds. You are the king of kings. Do you really need that money? As your devotees can’t help the people who are in need in spite of giving money to the temple trust? Temple trust only keep the money with them. If all the money of the temple trust are collected No one will remain poor in the society.


At last, God please give this universe the knowledge of purity and positivity , merge them in your compassion. Take the criminals negativity in the black hole. Make the poor stronger to stand boldly and give them opportunity, so that they can make their dreams come true. Make the humans more friendly, send your messengers to earth and always look with care to us.


With love

Your child


8 thoughts on “A letter to God

  1. Thank you for sharing to the world something so personal to you. However, I do believe that it isn’t God’s fault, all the terrible things we humans do, or don’t do in some cases. Nevertheless, somethimes I can relate to the feeling of injustice and pain that it can cause the reality of the world.

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  2. Every single human have a freedom to choise to become good or bad. Hunger and poority, this is problem made by selfish people, politicians to blame. big global corporations.
    God create only good, it is up our decisions how we going to live in next generations. Many just don’t care thay just want something; money, power, but mostly people wants moore of everything.
    Not a God to blame only a few of us who have power to change it.
    p.s. sorry for my english….

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