Long live Lovers

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My phone ranged in the evening. I thought who is calling me right now, may b from customer care. The number was new and it was not seem to be company’s number.
“Hello” I said.
” Hello..! You there?” he said.
Ohh..! Is he?. My heart started beating faster and faster.
“Yes. ! M here.. If I am not wrong its Soldier” I said.
” Yes ! You are right” he said.
” How come..? You called me. ! You don’t have time for this calling things from your busy schedule” I said.
” Oh ! C’mon” he said in a relaxing tone.
” Midterm breaks..! Dear..” He said.
“Ohhh.. ! How are you then?..” I said.
“I am fine ! I am in this city only. ! Can you meet me?” he said.
I was totally surprised. Is this reality. Whenever I tried to meet him, he refused. But, now he is asking me to meet him ! I controlled my emotions. My mind started cooking things in fraction of seconds. I will say ‘No’ lets see his reaction.
” You there ! ” he said.
“Yes ! Heya ! I can’t come tomorrow” I said.
” Hey ! I only have today and tomorrow’s time. After that ..back to academy” he said.
” I can’t come. I have important lectures tomorrow” I said.
” Can’t you manage out ! Please come na..!” He said.
Hawww ! He is conveying me.. 😍
My heart started melting.
” hmm.. ! Not possible” I said.
” Ohh.! C’mon.. Please come na” he said.

That’s enough..! How sweet he is.. I can’t say him “No”
” Okay ! Then I will come.. You know any place?” I said
” No.! City is known to you. Its your work to find a place” he said.
” Meet me at 11 am sharp near the college entrance” I said.
” Okay ! Done.. See you” he said.
Call ended.

A place.. A place… I was uttering continuously.
“Which place” Mom said.
“No, nothing..! Place .. Actually , college is planning for an excursion. So, tomorrow we have to give a list of places where we can go” I said.
Thank god. ! My mind works.. Otherwise I am stupid in saying lie andΒ  become fool very easily.
My Cortona said ” You received a text…..”
Text from Soldier
I hope u will meet ?
I typed.
Yep ! Meet you soon. Soldier !
Probably .! What is this meeting? Is this a meeting or a date.
Hmm..whatever it shall be .. I will meet him that’s enough.
I have to prepare my self for the meeting(not a confidential one).
I should have a pretty dress, checking out my wardrobe. It was full of party wears, so cAlled pretty dresses. I choose one of them.
A little face touch up is important with a dark maroon lipstick, eye liner , eye lenses.
After summarising all the things, I want to make a trial.
I pouted and put that maroon dark lipstick.
After all these.. !
I observed myself in the mirror..
Absolutely.. I was looking beautiful…
But, Is it really me???
By wearing all these…putting all these things..
I myself was making my FaKE ImAgE.
The importance of beauty is the beauty of heart β™₯.

A beautiful heart and beautiful soul is the ornaments of a human being.

I decided to go the way I am…
The normal way.. I always look..
Don’t need to be fake in front of someone to just impress him.

Never woke up so early in my life or I can say the entire night I was counting the stars in the dark sky.
Even I don’t know why I was so enthusiastic and excited to meet him by bunking my 2 lectures. Maybe that because I am gonna meet him after long time or I was waiting for this day to come.
At 4 am. No sunlight, no birds, dark surrounded. I sat on my table .. Hold my pen..
I wish
This could happen, I wish
My submerge feelings in the sea of love got the shores.
The tides are so high, and the vastness of sea.
Make me feel the need of his love
I need his love…
Will I get that ?
Just few lines i wrote…which speaks thousands lines.
After coming out of the magical world.
It was the time to get ready.
A T-shirt and jeans with my shoes, my regular way of getting dressed into.
“Bye Mom” I said.
“Bye” she said.
I reached college and attended my first half lectures. I viewed my watch it was 10 minutes to 11.
Shit! I was getting nervous.
Lecture dismissed.
My phone started vibrating. It was 11 at that time.
Ohh soldier.. Always on time.
HeΒ  was standing and the college gate, He was wearing T-shirt and jeans.
All the girls were looking at him. He was wearing his Rayban. His lovely smile with a mole on his chin. His hairs were in a decent cut. He was standing straight with his own swag..
Wow ! Look…
At that moment I really want to ran up fast and hug himΒ  tightly. I wish I could !
I walked.. I handshake with him.
” Hello ” I said.
” Hey ” he said.
“After so many months finally..! We met.. ” He said.
” Long back..” I smiled and said.
The environment there was busy kind off. I just want to talk to him in a peace and beautiful place.
” Which place you have decide?” He said.
Garden would be the best place.
”Β  Few kilometres far … There is a garden. WeΒ  can go there” I said.
” So ! Let’s go then” he said.
” We will go by our own vehicle. I have scooter .. We can go.. It would be comfortable for you?. I said.
” Yeah ! For sure” he said.
I went to the parking , I thought who will drive this .. He or I ..
Let’s see whatever he decide it would be acceptable for me.
“Sit.. ” I said.
“Hey ! Can I drive your scooter if you don’t mind.” He said.
This is what exactly I wanted..
” Why not !” I said.
Keys handovered to him.
On the road. Usually I had watched girls sitting behind the seats and hold closely to their boyfriend.
I was doing the opposite of that.. Seating by maintaining a proper distance between us. Because I was not his girlfriend.
I was telling him the way of the garden.
Suddenly, because of the speed breaker .. When he had applied brakes. I pushed … On himΒ  .. Just like the lovers do.
” Sorry” I said.
” No problem” he said.
But at the same moment, I love to behave like the lover… I told myself. CONTROL..! πŸ˜‚
We reached the garden.
It was a beautiful garden….
Just like the garden I want.
We settled down near a tree.
” And say ! ” he said.
” What should I say. ! For you I have bunked 2 lectures” I said.
” Ohhh.. ! Good.. ! Be ready to bunk more..!” He said.
” More bunk? Why..? You daily want to meet me…. Huh?” I said.
He replied nothing.. !
” What? ” I said.
“Nothing” he said.
” Today’s weather is good ” he said.
” Yeah ! After so many days.. The weather is good” I said.
Did he called me here to discuss about the weather. This we can also do on calls. Or maybe the matter is something else.
“Hey ! You are comfortable here with me” he said.
“Yes ! I am.. “I said.
Actually I was flying…
“I really don’t know this is the right time to speak up or not. But, I want to.. Can I?” He said
He is a game changer kind of guy. Even I was not sure what he is going to speak up by bringing me up here
“Yes ! Speak up” I said.
“We met before… We had several calls and chats together. With all lovely memories. You have always been a lovely friend for me. You cared a lot after so many disputes of us. I like your nature, the way you influence others, the way you express yourself. It had taken me two years to understand that actually I LOVE YOU” he said.
Ohh! God grace.. When he spoke that line. Magical words … I LOVE YOU 😍.
” I LOVE YOU TOO ” I said
His face in a surprise expression.

” Yes .. I do ” I said.
He was very happy. Happy upto infinite levels… We laughed together.. Not for minutes for hours together.
“Thanks a lot.. ! For me love is a feeling which can be only witnessed with the person you love. Relationship is a bond of friendship and respect . Respect for me is to give your girl the best treatment..so, that she can feel special” he said.
His words are so precise, that showed his purity, trust and truth..
” Thanks to you to.. You haven’t taken much time to tell all these..” I laughed and said.
This way we were sitting there for hours like “Best Friends”, talking to each other like “Romantic Couples” and embracing EMOTIONS like ” Long live Lovers”…. I smiled and he smiled..
We smiled.
I hope everyday should be like this.
Possible only when he will be back after his DUTY…
I need his love
I am here with his love
Only his love ❀….C__Data_Users_DefApps_Windows Phone_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_imagesMXJEYIZV.jpg


14 thoughts on “Long live Lovers

  1. parijat shukla

    What a beautiful narration…not once did i blink my eyes and it appeared like a sweet movie…Armymen are best lovers/husbands , be always with this guy :). Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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