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The best feeling in life is to make your parents proud.

This words belong to those who are equivalent to God in child’s life.

A mother who had nurture the child  for 9 months, irrelevant to all the pains and difficulties she faced to gave  birth to her child.

The father who feel devoir to full fill all the needs of child.

The first step of child’s  ….
They hold the hands, and if the child fall down. They feel the pain in themselves.
Oh. !

Who said God doesn’t exist, They exist in the mightiest “PARENTS”.

Catching the sight of all the thoughts of whatever they had presented us in our life is PRICELESS.

We can’t return back the things to them

But, we can wake up each day and
Talk to them in a pacified voice, deference them, obey them, help them, vow them, support them, love them and the most important make them “FEEL PROUD” of us.
That’s enough to make them smile.

No need to say how much u love them. Just show the love to them through your actions.

Will make my parents proud soon.

P.S-Recognizing parental values, Love with parents.


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