Heart Heartless

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My heart murmured to me “Are you alive?”
I said “Ofcourse !
You are beating for me”..!
Over a glance…I thought in my mind(brain)..
“Today ! Is heart day???”
“You convey your beloved ones that i beat for them. But, do  you really think that (ignoring the biological factors) I beat for them???”
A silent overwhelmed all over, my mouth shut and mind numb.
” Yeah ! I always do this” I said.
” You are surrounded by so many people, experiences so many things, your nervousness, your excitement, your anxiety, your happiness, your grief, your guilt, in whole all the feelings of yours is experienced by me first….” Heart said.
” I apologise to you for the workload I had given you, forget all that…Thanks a lot heart ! ” I said.

The silent conversation with the heart….
We never bother about this continuous beating organ,
“Who beats for us”
Those who say “My heart beats for you”
You must kidding mate !

Don’t make your ups and downs feeling a pressure on your heart..
Because to you as alive … Heartbeats..!
Love your heart !
Live your heart !
Thanks your heart !
Heart ❤
P.s-Sitting in a silence, heartbeats were making silence break.


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