The learning about life is up to infinite level with lots of experiments and experiences.
Have we ever listed about our fear??
The word fear….can be expanded as
These combines and make fear a word which can make everyone frightened. Isn’it …?
Moving to what we have today,
The life which we live in…is surrounded by our own fear.
Fear of Exams, Fear of Job, Fear of Future(This we all have), Fear of relationships and much more fears.

Somehow, is the ironical part is this. We encourage our fear to come up and destroy us.
Never ever tried to inculcate the behaviour of overcoming that.
The feeling that we can’t do this.
“Lack Of Confidence”…in us, reflects what we are.
The method of helping your own self…
Can only bring the change. !

Essentially, the quitting option , people opt for is the worst and destructive path. They never thought about their family and future.

Each morning when you saw the smiling face of your parents, irrespective of your age. They always admire you. You are gifts of god for them. If you are with family you feel safe, satisfied, love, care, fun. The feeling you can’t find it anywhere. Not even with friends(can’t compare family and friend ..both have different values)

Share your thoughts with your family and friends can make you feel relax.
They can advice you at your problematic situations.
They can support you of what you dreamt of.

The fear of being failed make a person blunt…
Blunt means just finished with all hopes and faiths.
The courage you develop
Can make a difference !
Overcome your fear…!
Accept challenges in your life…!
Give another chance to you…!

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