I wonder..

I wondered my thought embrace your feeling in my heart.
That one meeting ! I only want that …
Your smile reflects on my face..

The beauty that glitz on each expressions.
Your genial nature make it benevolent

My soul is to you, my love is to you.
My words are for you.
My smile is for you.

I know , one day you will be back
After all the world trash.
Taking rest in my lap.
Relaxing like a baby..
All your anxiety, worries will be vanished from the poems i recite !

I can only wonder..
One day …
You will admire each other like people of past with unreachable connection.

But, if you insist off to remember me. I will always be there for you.

I am decisive that my thought embrace my feelings in your heart.

P.s- The friends who forgot friendship.



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