Defence Love

13533214_271222506586048_5504108216628093670_n (2)

The day I never forget
The small pores of snow fall on the glow of light sun.
Eyes got stuck on a pretty girl
Her eyes were dazzling , her smile was magical, her cheeks were blush and her hairs were gorgeous.
An eye can’t stop looking into her …excluding the nature beauty..

I love ❤ in fall for her….
Yea !

I do with all my conscience…

Fall for her

Her voice.. A battery saver mode for me
Just hope she falls for the same for me
My meeting with her landed with endless chats and  topics.
So, beautiful it sounds and as beautiful I experience..
My Defence love ❤
Landed to NDA..
No words can describe NDA, such a prestigious academy.
I earned it too..
From the busy time schedule , managed to listen her soft voice.
The way she say
For me its  Admirable, adorable and everything as a whole.
Each day she  revolve like an idea and end up in my dreams..😍
I am lucky 🍀 or we are lucky.. Dilemmatic question..but, I am worth to it.
Term end. NDA holidays
We will meet …Will meet soon.
She was coming…
In a lovely dress in Barbie look.
Whenever she is near to me, I feel I am the luckiest person on this planet.
When my hand embraces in her

Something dainty surrounds me.
With her it seem, sitting on a cloud with an angel.
Let the world slow down.
Let the time go inert.
Only when she is with me.
Just I am in the heaven with my Angel.

People say rain is the season of love.
For me every moment with her,
Every plan
Every meeting
Every dream is the season of love.

My love ❤

Its an aftermath of NDA love.


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