I don’t want to be a writer. But, I love writing and expressing my thoughts on souls of joy and pain. Here I can go far with my ideas, thoughts and words with having no restrictions to stop at a place.
When you observe a free bird, the first thing come in mind is to fly high..higher…highest.
Where no one can come to disturb you and your beloved ideas.
I love my words, sometimes it hurt people and sometimes it cherish people.
If observed patiently, all these came from inner of the heart.. As what we feel for others and listen others or their views are dissenting us.
Writing is the best way of expressing yourself, even words so sweet or harsh. They seem to be spoken the way people want to read it !
Every sentence can utter in different ways and expressions. Every sentence is understood by different people in many ways.
Its good to put the person in dilemma they can think over it again and again..” what does this mean?”..??😉😃 .. Right ?


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